Your Appointment at Brisbane Physio Specialists

Brisbane Physiotherapist Ken Niere treating a shoulder issue

Making Your Appointment

You can book your appointment online or by telephone. If you are an existing client, please let us know if you are making an appointment about a new issue, as a longer consultation may be necessary for a thorough assessment.

Arriving for the Appointment

To help us run on time we ask that you try to arrive five minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. If you are late other clients are inconvenienced as sessions then run late throughout the day.

What To Expect – First Appointment

A typical initial consultation usually involves an in-depth interview to determine the main problem, the behaviour of your symptoms, your history, and identify any precautions to treatment.

We then perform a detailed physical examination to identify musculoskeletal impairments (eg joint stiffness, muscle weakness) related to your symptoms.

Following the patient interview and physical examination, we clearly explain the diagnosis of the cause of your pain and your treatment plan.

Treatment focuses on addressing the source of the symptoms and any contributing factors. Commonly used techniques include manual therapy (eg joint mobilisation/manipulation, soft tissue massage) and targeted therapeutic exercises. We provide a detailed explanation of the cause of the problem, how/why symptoms are occurring and strategies to help with recovery and prevent the issue from recurring.

We then provide recommended guidelines and exercises for strength, mobility and flexibility. Your home exercise program will be sent to you electronically with videos and step-by-step instructions to help you stay on track.

What to Expect – Follow-Up Appointments

At your follow-up appointments, we reassess your symptoms and how you are progressing, and continue the treatment program.


Payment is required in full at the time of your appointment. We accept EFTPOS, cash and Visa/Mastercard. If you have private health insurance that covers physiotherapy, we can make the claim on-the-spot with our HICAPS machine, so you only have to pay the gap not covered by your health insurance.