Helen Fleming from Brisbane Physio Specialists treating a shoulder injury
Treating back pain

Back Pain

Back pain affects most people at some stage in our lives, and can be disruptive or even debilitating. We are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of back pain and disorders.

Physiotherapy neck treatment

Neck Pain

Normal neck function is essential for protection of the spinal nerves and effective use of the senses. Neck pain and loss of function are often caused by altered muscle control and stiffness in the joints.

Physio treatment of the hip

Hip Pain

Hip pain can be experienced in the hip, groin, pelvis, thigh or knee. Management includes analysis of contributing factors, muscle retraining and strategies for self-management.

Treating a shoulder with physiotherapy

Shoulder Pain

Normal shoulder function requires a combination of flexibility, strength and control. Excessive demands on the shoulder can cause damage to the ligaments, tendons or muscles can occur.

Treating headaches with physiotherapy


We are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of different types of headaches including migraine, tension-type headache and cervicogenic headache.

Physiotherapy treatments of the knee

Knee Pain

Knee issues can be caused by acute injury (from sports or daily activity) or caused or perpetuated by weakness in the muscles of the hip, thigh or lower leg. We are specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of knee issues.