Specialist Physiotherapists

Experts in relieving pain, restoring movement and improving strength and flexibility

Advanced knowledge, expert care, best outcome

We have Masters degrees in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and have completed the most advanced Physiotherapy education and training to be awarded the title Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists by the Australian College of Physiotherapists. What this means is we are the most  qualified Physiotherapists, each with over 30 years of clinical experience, offering the highest quality, personalised physiotherapy care to relieve pain, improve range of motion and achieve real and lasting improvement.

We treat your symptoms, but also identify the underlying cause so we can prevent the recurrence of the injury or pain.

An expert assessment allows us to give you a clear diagnosis of the cause of  your pain and an individualised treatment plan.

We see patients with musculoskeletal disorders causing symptoms in the spine and upper and lower limbs. This can include:


  • back pain
  • neck pain
  • shoulder pain
  • neck-related headaches and dizziness
  • jaw (TMJ) pain
  • whiplash-associated disorders
  • hip, knee and ankle pain
  • sports and soft-tissue injuries
  • sacroiliac joint disorders
  • pregnancy and post-natal back and pelvic pain
  • arthritis
  • tendinopathy of the shoulder, hip , knee and achilles


Physiotherapist Ken Niere diagnosing a patient

Examine and Diagnose

We take the time to listen to your story, gain an understanding of your background and conduct a thorough examination. Through our hands-on approach and scientific findings, we pinpoint the issue and underlying causes to develop an accurate diagnosis.

Specialist Physiotherapist Helen Fleming


Your treatment is tailored to your condition and contributing factors, and will include a combination of hands-on therapy, therapeutic exercise, technique correction, posture modification or lifestyle advice.

Physiotherapist demonstrating preventative exercises


An important part of our work together is to educate you about your condition so you are able to prevent or catch the onset of future issues. We provide tailored exercise programs with a focus on recovery and prevention by helping you to improve strength and move safely and correctly.

What is a Specialist Physiotherapist?

Specialisation is awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapists, the pre-eminent professional body representing specialist physiotherapists in Australasia. It is given to those who have achieved the highest clinical qualifications in their particular field of physiotherapy.

Specialist physios undergo a rigorous advanced training and examination process, with only the most skilled clinicians being given the title of Specialist. To complete the program, physiotherapists need to have post-graduate qualifications, have worked clinically for a number of years and demonstrate that they have been involved in education and research.

We were among the first Specialist Physiotherapists in Australia, and are now examiners for the College of Physiotherapists, assessing other physiotherapists in the exam process.

Once you have been awarded specialisation, you are known as a Fellow of the Australian College of Physiotherapists.

Physio using ultrasound to assist patient


We use ultrasound imaging which lets us see, in real-time, how the deep supporting muscles of your lower back and abdomen are working.

You can see your muscles working live, in action, on screen, providing feedback to help you get the best muscle activation. 

This lets us develop targeted rehabilitation programs to improve your muscle function.

The Brisbane Physio Specialists Team

We’re Helen and Ken, founders of Brisbane Physio Specialists

We each have many years of combined clinical and teaching experience and are both Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapists (as awarded by the Australian College of Physiotherapy).

We have a friendly, down-to-earth approach and a genuine commitment to the highest level of care and your long-term physical wellbeing.

We work with your medical team to ensure open communication and consistent care.

Brisbane Physio Specialists

Shop 2, 77 Kedron Brook Road
Wilston Qld 4051

Ph: 07 3026 2515

There is free parking on Kedron Brook Road (1 and 2 hour) and plenty of parking in side streets. 


We work collaboratively with referring health professionals to provide complete care to patients. 


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